Jets'n'Guns 1.03454

12 masters of destruction have to be defeated while progressing in the levels
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Jets'n'Guns is a classic scrolling shooter that features 20 levels that are full of action. There are more than 200 enemies featured. Players can upgrade their ships with almost 20 devices. Many weapons provide accuracy and fun. The combination of weapons gives hundreds of possibilities on equipping one’s ship. The graphics are superior in nature and the game features particle effects that help in enhancing the effect of destruction. There is a one-hour length original and ecstatic soundtrack to mesmerize one’s ears. Twelve masters of destruction have to be defeated while progressing in the game's gruesome levels. The graphics are complemented with meters indicating the fuel level and the health of the ship. Destruction of each entity in the game helps the gamer earn some points and enhancements. The score tells the number of points so collected on destroying the different entities in the game. There are other indicators such as the number of dead bodies. The different weapons are environment-specific and can be used to accomplish different tasks.

Jets'n'Guns provides players with hours of fun and amazing game play. The soundtrack is effective and the game is very addictive in nature.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Amazing soundtrack and gameplay


  • Doggy graphics at places
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